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Kolaboration Ventures is a company located in California that specializes in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2018, they are focused on providing quality products to their customers with a commitment to sustainability and a focus on social responsibility. Kolaboration Ventures has coined the phrase “farm-to-table” in reference to their efforts to keep the production of their products local and sustainably sourced.

At Kolaboration Ventures, they strive to provide a personalized cannabis experience for their customers with knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have two dispensary locations, one in Salinas and one in Vallejo, to ensure that their customers have access to their products. As a part of their commitment to social responsibility, they partner with local organizations and charities to benefit their communities.

Kolaboration Ventures has become a leader in the cannabis industry, providing quality products and services with an emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Their two dispensaries in Salinas and Vallejo have made it easy for customers to access their products. With a commitment to their local communities and providing the best customer experience, Kolaboration Ventures is sure to continue their success in the cannabis industry. Kolaboration Ventures Website