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The small town of Lebanon, Maine is a thriving community filled with hard-working individuals who take pride in the small-town charm that radiates through its streets. Recently, the town was the proud recipient of a new business who plans to bring new opportunities, new ideas and a new industry to the small town. East Coast Cannabis is a Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensary that is dedicated to providing its customers with safe, quality products, along with a variety of health and wellness services.

East Coast Cannabis is not only bringing a new industry to Lebanon, Maine, but it is also bringing a sense of unity to the community. By providing a safe, professional space for individuals to access the products they need, it is helping to create a sense of community and understanding. Many of the individuals who visit the dispensary have found solace in the fact that they can have their medical needs addressed in a safe and responsible manner.

The team at East Coast Cannabis is also dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life for its customers. With its broad selection of products, services and knowledge, it is helping to provide resources to individuals who may not know where else to turn. It is also investing in the future of the Lebanon, Maine community by supporting local businesses, schools and charities.

East Coast Cannabis is more than just a business. It is an opportunity for our community to grow and thrive together. We invite you to take part in this journey with us as we strive to create a better future for Lebanon, Maine.

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