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Pleasantrees is Michigan’s premier provider of top-quality cannabis retail and cultivation services. Established in 2018, Pleasantrees’ experienced staff is devoted to providing customers with the best possible experience when it comes to marijuana. From an extensive selection of strains to the latest in cultivation technology, Pleasantrees is committed to helping customers find exactly what they need.

Pleasantrees’ experienced staff provides customers with helpful and knowledgeable guidance regarding the various products and services they offer. Whether a customer is purchasing cannabis for recreational or medical use, the professionals at Pleasantrees make sure that they find the perfect strain for their particular needs. Pleasantrees also offers private, one-on-one consultations to ensure that customers get the right product for the right reasons.

For those who want to cultivate their own marijuana, Pleasantrees offers the latest in cultivation technology. From the most up-to-date hydroponic systems to the latest in LED lighting systems, Pleasantrees has the know-how and resources to make sure customers are growing the best possible product.

No matter what a customer’s cannabis needs are, Pleasantrees has all the tools and expertise necessary to make sure their experience with cannabis is the best it can be. From the knowledgeable, friendly staff to the extensive selection of products and services available, Pleasantrees is the perfect choice for Michigan’s cannabis needs. To learn more about Pleasantrees and view their selection of products and services, visit their website today at