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There’s something funny happening in Mississippi; and no, it’s not the Southern accent. Folks, it’s the epic rise of medical cannabis dispensaries. In walks SOAR Dispensary, reigning royal in the realm. From Oxford to Grenada, and to the hipster hub of Starkville, their expertise is spreading faster than you can say ‘bong hit’.

When we say ‘medical marijuana’, don’t picture your eccentric uncle’s basement project. We’re talking professional cultivation of cannabis plants, like wine connoisseurs tending to their vineyard, but less wine and way more weed. White coats, gloves, the works! You could have sworn you walked in the filming of a new era Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, aptly titled ‘Greener Anatomy’.

Needless to say, the residents of Oxford appreciate the effortless blend of science and nature while Starkville adores their ‘Weed-nesday’ offerings. And Grenada? Well, let’s just say their brownie recipes have taken a delightful turn. It’s high time to dispel the myths and appreciate the benefits of what mother nature has to offer us. So, to the skeptics we say, why not take a leaf out of SOAR Dispensary’s book and give it a go!