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Woven into the fabric of our vibrant Starkville community, lies a realm where nature and nurture join hands, creating a serene and perfect atmosphere. This realm is not just any place, this is our neighborhood lovingly surrounding SOAR Dispensary.

Herein, you’ll discover that Starkville is not just about bustling college life, though our Mississippi State University pulsates with youthful energy. Starkville is also home to enchanting locales and local favorites that create the perfect backdrop to your visit to our esteemed local cannabis dispensary.

Begin your journey with a morning saunter in the Mississipi State University’s picturesque Drill Field. Find a bench under the cool shade of the mature hardwoods and enjoy the ambiance.

Having soaked up the peaceful aura, traverse onto your much-awaited visit to SOAR. Experience the convergence of age-old herb lore with progressive technology. Soar offers a vast range of products, catering to both, the pristine medical cannabis patients as well as experienced connoisseurs.

Post your dispensary visit, a perfect lunch stop would be at the local Starkville Cafe — an old-school diner ooze with southern charm, and perhaps indulge in their celebrated tomato gravy.

In the evening, take your high spirits to the Blue Delta Blues Alley. This place is a treasure for live music lovers, offering fantastic performances most nights. You could also enjoy a leisurely stroll in the Cotton District — an architecturally striking neighborhood with adorable shops and dining options.

In the calm of the night, unwind your day’s journey at the Overstreet Park, a paradise for stargazers. With its minimal city lights, it offers a serene platform for stargazing enthusiasts.

As you explore the enchanting neighborhood around SOAR, you feel the magic imbued within every corner of Starkville that creates a perfect symphony with the soothing and therapeutic offerings of the local cannabis dispensary. Explore, enjoy and elevate — this is the life in and around SOAR Dispensary.

Remember, the pleasures of a place are not just about the destination, but are hugely about the journey, the experiences around it — Starkville is no exception. This charming town with its vibrant community and culture forms the perfect canvas to your cannabis journey at SOARB.