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As the propelling force behind the iconic East Coast Cannabis (ECC), a day working here is anything but ordinary. At ECC Lebanon, we endeavor to create a special experience for everyone who walks through our doors, and our dedicated team is the backbone of this mission.

The Day Begins with Plant Care

As a leading Cannabis Dispensary in Lebanon, Maine, our day always starts with detailed care for our plants. The cultivation area is brimming with various strains of the cannabis plant. Our staff passionate about their job, diligently monitor the growth, watering, and lighting levels of each plant, ensuring they are primed to provide the best possible product for our customers.

Customer Care and Expert Advice

Post-plant care, the team transitions to the storefront. As experts in the field, the role does not end at the register. It’s all about advising clients, engaging in discussions on the benefits of different strains, clarifying misconceptions about cannabis, and offering recommendations based on individual needs. With each interaction, we ensure our customers leave ECC with a positive experience, and products that fit their desired outcomes.

Educational Opportunities

At ECC, we believe that knowledge is power. Our team gathers for weekly training sessions covering a wide range of cannabis-related topics. This committed approach ensures we are not only up-to-date with regulations and good practices but also equipped with the latest research on the medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis.

A Community Spirit

Quite uniquely, East Coast Cannabis is a community-focused establishment. Our team takes part in regular community endeavors and environmental initiatives, truly making a difference beyond the realm of cannabis. Working at ECC is not just about supporting people’s journey with cannabis use but also about playing an active part in creating a better community in and around Lebanon, ME.

So, that sums up a day in the life at East Coast Cannabis. Every day is filled with challenges, rewards, learning, and community spirit. If you’re considering a career in cannabis or just want more information about the industry, we’d love to share our experiences.