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When in the city of the Golden Gate bridge, if you find yourself asking, “Where is a cannabis dispensary near me?” look no further than Pipeline Dispensaries. We are the epitome of chill factor in San Francisco – the ultimate destination for your cannabis quests.

North Beach: Where the Vibes Are as Good as The Views

More than the lattes and cafe trips, North Beach, San Francisco, CA, is famous for something greener. And no, it’s not broccoli. Say hello to Pipeline Dispensaries, where we convert coffee hoppers to cannabis enthusiasts! From “Hash” browns to “High” Tea, we’ve got it all. Find us amidst the hustle and groove of North Beach.Discover More >>>

Sunset District: The Sun Always Sets But We Stay Lit

The Sunset District, San Francisco, CA, is not just about mesmerizing sunsets but also about enlightening experiences – specifically at Pipeline Dispensaries! We’re your friendly neighborhood marijuana dispensary, bringing you a little closer to cloud nine. Visit our store, and let’s take a trip to paradise together.Find Us Here >>>