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Located in sunny Battle Creek, MI, The Cake House has built a reputation on whipping up the most delicious, mouth-watering pastries in town. This delightful bakery carries a unique pinch of spice that leaves everyone intrigued and amused.

Rising Higher in the Baking Game

Don’t be fooled to think that’s all there is to this minority and women-led business! The Cake House has mastered the art of baking and has infused it with the world of cannabis. They’ve created a blend so divine and scrumptious that you probably could say they just got the ‘baking’ process high!

Sourcing from the best dispensaries in Battle Creek, they’ve managed to turn the fabled space cake into an art form that they’ve gracefully mastered. The Cake House has successfully crossed genres and is now on its way to becoming one of the top spots to score your cannabis edibles. They’ve improvised recipes to create unique goodies infused with cannabis that are indeed a treat to your palate.

A Sweet Spot Between Tradition and Innovation

This business has established itself as a perfect meet between the traditional and the modern- blending old baking techniques with exciting cannabis flavor profiles. Time spent at the Cake House is remembered as a high time adventure, one that everyone should taste!